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  1. Missing Magician

    The town's greatest magician has been murdered and his ghost is now desperate to find the murderer. Search for hidden objects, solve memory puzzles, and unlock clues to crack the case. The path will lead you on a quest full of surprises, mysteries, and...magic!

  2. Tiny Dungeon

    Click (or tap) and drag tiles of the same type to cast a spell. Spells can either damage an enemy (whilst you're fighting them), or grant you more time in the dungeon (when you're not). The longer the spell chain, the more damage you'll do (or time you'll receive). There are four types of spell (Earth, Water, Air, and Fire), each belonging to an elemental school of magic. Enemies also belong to a school of magic, and will be strong to and weak against certain elements. Imp: Fire elemental, strong against Fire, weak to Water Frost Giant: Water elemental, strong against Water, weak to Fire Lasher: Earth elemental, strong against Earth, weak to Air Banshee: Air elemental, strong against Air, weak to the 13kb size limit :] How long can you survive in the Tiny Dungeon? GL HF!

  3. Breakout Cove

    Survive the shrinking tide as long as possible and destroy debris falling towards the ocean floor! Use bouncing bubbles as your weapon against the debris, and pick up falling treasure as you go. How long can you survive the tide?